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About us

MI Concept + Design is a world-class leader in theme park, water park and entertainment design, based in Toronto, Canada. With each Principal and Design Direction having over 20 years of experience, we provide a highly skilled leadership team to each project.


As a result MI Concept has quickly become the go-to design resource in the theme entertainment industry, with international partners and clients working on projects of all scales and scopes.


Working with the biggest entertainment brands and IP’s in the world, MI Concept is producing an incredible portfolio of work that is catching the eye of our peers and clients for being innovative and edgy, while at the same time thoughtful and buildable.

Our Team

Garfield Ingram.png
Garfield Ingram

Tel: 416-846-7467

Walt Kuniec.png
Walt Kuniec

Tel: 416-524-1341

Meeta-2020 (2).png
Meeta Ingram

Tel: 416-818-7465 

Michael Ouzikov
Creative Director

Tel: 416-848-3040 

Vic Rempel
Head of Sales

Tel: 416-848-3040

Ghazal Taikandi
Director of Architectural Design

Tel: 416-848-3040

Go Vonghachack.png
Go Vonghachack
Director of Interior Design

Tel: 416-848-3040

Mike Pafundi.png
Michael Pafundi
Senior Area Development Manager

Tel: 416-848-3040

Ron Nantel1.jpeg
Ron Nantel
Senior Art Director

Tel: 416-848-3040

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